“Recently a 51-year-old female client was referred to me from another country. Her symptoms were difficulty swallowing and hot flashes. Her skin is extremely sensitive to touch and she has the skin condition Vitiligo on her hands and feet. We have done two sessions so far…. today will be the third. After the first session, she expressed great relief of the sensitivity, but still had trouble swallowing.

“During our second session, we addressed the words, choking and hot flash. We found a compound trauma energy that came up from when she was 11.5 years old. The emotions were terror and horror. When I asked what was supporting this trauma, we found an inflammation energy, but it wasn’t actually inflammation, it was ‘in flames’… There had been a fire. When I asked my client if she recalled this event, she replied, “No?” so I gave her a moment and asked again with more detail. ‘A fire, like in the kitchen or wait, outside, maybe a grill??… No, ok, to the left… 3 houses down?’ All of a sudden, my client’s eyes grew huge! She recalled that at that age, she and her siblings watched a young boy burned to death in a front window of house three houses down from where she lived.

“As soon as we released this, she was instantly able to swallow without any difficulty whatsoever. I LOVE THE BODY CODE™!!!

~Paula Rapp, Arizona, USA

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