“Julz is a 14-year-old Quarter horse mare who was becoming unmanageable for her owner. She wouldn’t allow herself to be caught when out in her pasture. She was a nervous wreck. She wouldn’t even lay down in her own pasture at home. In spite of her extensive training, she began running away while being ridden. Since I’m in New Jersey and Julz is in Kentucky, our Emotion Code® session was done by proxy. She had many trapped emotions that I found and released. When I followed up with her owner the next day, I learned that Julz had been laying down in her field. She not only allowed her owner to approach her, she also let her straddle her and stand over her scratching her ears! Julz is no longer hard to catch. She comes right to the gate as soon as her owner is near. She follows her owner around like a puppy nuzzling her owner’s face and begging for attention.

Pferdi is a 1-year-old German Pointer shorthair dog. He was dumped at a shelter by his breeder, adopted out twice and returned twice. His current owner was his last chance, and she was on the verge of giving him up due to his aggressive behavior. He was a good, loving dog until it came to sharing bones or toys with his owner’s other two dogs. He also had a habit of stealing items from around the house and becoming aggressive when asked to give them up.
I connected with Pferdi and released his trapped emotions. Before I had the opportunity to contact his owner to follow up, she contacted me. She was wondering if I had done something because Pferdi had stolen her headband that morning and later given it up quite easily. The other thing that happened that morning was when his owner had to leave for work, Pferdi walked into his crate calmly without being asked. His normal routine had been to hide if he had any idea that he might be crated. It’s been over a month and Pferdi now happily shares bones and toys with the other family dogs. There have been no further incidents. He also now even seeks out his crate as a comfortable place to rest.

Cricket is a 5-year-old Appaloosa horse who had begun spooking and bucking while being ridden. This behavior resulted in a serious injury to his owner, leaving him frightened to ride his horse. After our Emotion Code session, the owner reported that he had taken Cricket to a riding clinic and horse show the following day. He said that Cricket was a different animal. He was calm and relaxed and did everything he was supposed to do. The horse show was a huge success! Cricket and his owner earned two Grand Championship Awards and one Reserve Championship Award that weekend!”

~Jodie Palella, USA

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