“My 10/10 sugar addiction is now GONE! I was eating sugar left and right, and sneaking it whenever I could. Because gluten-free baked goods and treats are not easily or readily available, I would specifically seek them out on a daily basis. I would get candy bars on my way home from work to eat before I got home. I would get cookies and brownies every time I went to the grocery store and would eat them before I got home. I would hide chocolatey treats from my husband so he wouldn’t steal them (plus there is some shame/guilt/judgement around that). Ice cream, cookies, cupcakes, candy bars, chocolates, fruit snacks, anything, I would eat daily.

“I worked on myself [releasing Trapped Emotions] on Sunday 12/6/2020, and the next day at work I had two snack size fruit snacks, three chocolate pieces, and a peppermint milkshake. I thought maybe it didn’t work, or there may have been more imbalances to remove. Well, about five days later it occurred to me after listening to The Emotion Code® webinar that sometimes issues can take extra time to go away because of processing. That’s when I realized I have not craved, itched, twitched, or sought out ANY sugar after that Monday 12/7/2020! It has been a week and a half at this point and I still have ZERO urge for sugar; it’s completely out of my mind.”

~Dr. Kati Ozowski, DC, USA

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