Sent in from a certified Emotion Code® practitioner who says, “I worked with a friend of mine in Qatar, Arabia and helped her clear her addiction to sugar. Read her story below:

“I used to have a serious sweets addiction. For many years, my breakfast was a bar of chocolate, or a piece of cheesecake. On good days when I wanted to have a healthy diet, I would eat toast with lots of Nutella added to it. In my tea, I would add fifteen spoonfuls of sugar. I was so ashamed to the point that I would go buy my tea from the cafeteria, then go hide in my office to add sugar from the bag that was hidden there. While clearing my Heart-Wall®, all of the sudden I didn’t crave sugar anymore. Now I am enjoying a real, healthy breakfast with fruits, cheese, and eggs. I can’t understand how I was able to drink 15 spoonfuls of sugar in one cup of tea! If you gave me that now, I’d just throw up. Instead, now I add one spoon of honey and it tastes amazing. It’s more than enough of what my body needs of sugar intake. Not only that, now when I eat more than a small piece of chocolate, I feel ill. So my body really does not need it anymore. I never imagined or thought that one day I’d heal from my chocolate/sugar/sweets addiction. I am so grateful for my practitioner who helped me heal using the Emotion Code. And thank you Dr. Nelson for your discovery!”

~Kal Y., New York, USA

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