“So far my biggest success story has been myself! I suffered back pain as a teenager, which continued into my adult life, getting worse and worse with each year. I wouldn’t accept the diagnosis from the NHS (National Health Service) that they did not know the cause and I would just need to have a pain management plan for the rest of my life. Being in my early thirties, this was not okay with me!

“I began exploring many alternative methods (too many to list!), each giving me some reprieve but never really ‘hitting the nail on the head’. I would still get flare ups from time to time, now moving to my right hip which was very painful. I became Reiki-attuned, and then discovered Craniosacral Therapy which I thought was amazing, so I began to train as a practitioner, but I was still having pain now and then. THEN I came across the Emotion Code®, and everything clicked. I worked on myself and one day, just like that, my hip pain was gone. I had released a trapped emotion and ta-da I was pain-free for the first time in a long time! Therefore I knew I had to train in the Emotion Code and become a practitioner to help people and animals all over the world!”

~Kate S., Cornwall, United Kingdom

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