“I find working with children to be amazing! One little girl who I will call Daisy was not quite three at the time. She was driving her Mother crazy! She cried 80% of the day and clung to her Mum’s leg. She would have massive temper tantrums, kicking and screaming! If she left her and went out, she would bash the door down and just scream. Bedtime was a nightmare. It took two hours to get her to sleep!

“After just one session she was a different girl. I released emotions causing the behaviour and released a small Heart-Wall® of one trapped emotion. Her behaviour worsened for a few days with the processing, then on the third day she changed into a lovely, happy little girl. No more problems going to sleep either.

“Daisy had another issue which needed to be addressed at a later date. Whenever a cousin would come to visit, she would just scream and scream! No one knew why! I released the related emotions and next time she came to visit, Daisy took her by the hand and just went off and played. The mother was floored but very happy! Absolutely love the instant results! I am very grateful to Dr. Brad and God of course!!

~ Catherine Bowen, CBCP; Victoria, Australia

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