“I learned about the Emotion Code® around two months ago and I decided to test it on myself. I experienced some pain relief so I told my sister about it. We also tested it on her since she has had a runny nose for years without knowing the reason and without having any allergies. She said that she hadn’t slept very well for months. After we released some trapped emotions, her nose stopped running so severely. After a week, we discovered that she had a Heart-Wall®. That was probably the reason why she didn’t have a relationship for a while. After working on her Heart-Wall, she has already seen some improvements and is willing to continue to work on herself.

“I am quite amazed by the experiences with the Emotion Code and I am willing to dive in deeper to understand it better and help myself and my family to release all the trapped emotions and emotional baggage which we have been dragging from the past.”

~Venelina V., Würzburg, Germany

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