“Joseph is a handsome, 16-year-old gelding affectionately known as “The Guardian.” He loves his job as the lead horse healer in our equine-assisted psychotherapy program, helping highly traumatized and dissociative children heal from their painful pasts. Laminitis (similar to diabetes in humans) has plagued Joseph over the past few years and recently, he had a severe Laminitis episode that resulted in lameness. Thanks to The Body Code™, I am able to more adequately provide extensive care and address underlying imbalances that cannot be detected through X-ray, blood work or radiographs. The Lord has already healed Joseph through the Body Code for other issues and I am believing in Him for another miracle healing.

“Daily, I begin the session with various horse anatomy charts asking if there are any imbalances and use the Body Code maps to address any associated imbalances, then release them as his body/subconscious directs. I can precisely determine the amounts and types of herbs, supplements, feed, and even the length of time the ice boots need to remain on his legs.

“I consulted with an expert veterinarian and informed him of my work using the Body Code. Another equine professional validated the presenting imbalances as very typical with Laminitis. She was amazed at the combined use of horse anatomy charts and Body Code maps. So far Joseph has not needed outside support, such as my veterinarian, equine chiropractor, specialist or a radiograph, other than for consultation.

“The Body Code has been invaluable for mental/emotional health as well! Joseph is very sensitive and I release at least one related imbalance daily. This has greatly improved his spirits and playfulness, even in the midst of his discomfort. Following the sessions, Joseph relaxes, drops his head, and often nuzzles me…his way of saying, “Thank you, mom.” Although his recovery is slow, I am seeing far less anatomical misalignments/imbalances and more increments of progress. Because of the Body Code, we no longer need to guess what is going on internally or how to support recovery.

“God is good and I am so thankful for the enlightenment he has given Dr. Bradley Nelson. The next phase of Body Code treatment for Joseph will be resetting his system to a younger age before Laminitis developed. (I just watched Dr. Nelson’s May 2020 webinar on that topic.) I trust that Joseph will again take his place as the lead horse healer in our program. In the meantime, some of his favorite kids will be out to groom, decorate him with chalk art, and shower him with love.

“Thank you, Dr. Nelson and team. I may have despaired were it not for this amazing modality and the Lord’s goodness. Joseph and our family send the entire Discover Healing Team much love and gratitude. I continue to learn from the premium member webinars and look forward to registering for the Body Code Certification Course, next week! Blessings in abundance.”

~ Michele Yarberry, LPC, NCC, RPT, CECP; Colorado, USA

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