“Already a satisfied Emotion Code® practitioner, I attended Dr. Nelson’s Body Code™ workshop as a guest of a friend, with no intentions of becoming a Body Code practitioner. Not proficient in the digital world, and armed with the incredible energetic power of swaying, I was very comfortable navigating the sixty trapped emotions on paper. For several years, I totally dismissed the idea of using an iPad or a computer to sway among underlying causes.

“In the lobby, just before the workshop ended, I began to dither about whether to become Body Code certified after hearing Dr. Nelson say that he felt the Emotion Code could address about 80% of issues, and the Body Code could address the remaining 20%. Since I was not getting a definitive answer on my own, I threw the question open to God, asking for a positive sign. As I turned around, a woman whom I had not seen there in the lobby, walked up to me and begged me to release some trapped emotions for her as she was in so much physical discomfort in her legs, that she could not sit any longer. Her husband was attending the workshop and she did not want to disturb him.

“In the space of fifteen minutes, I released seven trapped emotions and the intensity level went down to zero in one leg and down to one in the other. She thanked me profusely, and I thanked God for the positive sign I had received. That was the beginning of my Body Code journey!”

Fran Westin, USA

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