“A woman was referred to me who had gone blind in just a matter of weeks. Her doctors told her she had parasites that were damaging her eyes and they had no treatment that they thought would help her because this was such a rare condition. She was referred to me for help.

“Using The Body Code™, we found numerous misalignments which were creating “fertile ground” for these parasites to flourish. The parasites were identified as amoebas which were literally consuming the corneas and lenses of both her eyes. Most significantly, it was found that her overall body pH was 6.5, which is very acidic for a human.

“We embarked on a three pronged attack to restore her vision. We found a holistic supplement to clear the amoebas. We created a dietary and energy balancing protocol to raise her pH to the normal range of 7.3-7.5. And we had eight Body Code sessions where we cleared misalignments, imbalances and Trapped Emotions. After three months, the amoebas were gone. Without any further medications, her doctors were then able to give her new corneas and lenses and a year after originally losing all her sight, she now is living a normal, productive life with full vision.”

~Scott Stringham, USA

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