“Last week, my sister and I were discussing some spiritual topics when I suddenly experienced an excruciating and searing pang in my lower back with no explainable physical cause. I could not get up from sitting or support my weight without help. Once standing, I felt a cold whoosh of air blow across my back. I’ve had previous experience with entities, and I suspected that as the culprit. We started to look for imbalances using the Emotion Code® and found and removed a few trapped emotions, but I became overwrought and had to cut the session short, so my condition remained largely unchanged.

The next day, I had increased and profound distress, and was barely able to walk. Nothing helped to alleviate my back discomfort, not even prescription strength medication, so I asked another family member certified in using the Body Code™ for help. He found entities and a saboteur, which he sent away. However, my condition did not improve. My discomfort was so overwhelming and relentless for several days following, that out of desperation, I visited a professional masseuse and Reiki provider, but this also yielded little improvement.

I remembered a previous experience with a stubborn entity that refused to leave without a fight, so I decided to try a second Body Code session to check whether the entities were, in fact, gone. We found that the entities and saboteur were still present. Since I am a Christian, we commanded the entities to leave in the name of Jesus Christ, and to take their weapons with them. We felt a change in the energy of the room and I experienced INSTANT and profound relief in my back. WOW! I prayed my thanks to the Lord that night and had the most restful sleep I’ve had in months. I’m so grateful for the Body Code, which is an amazing tool to help identify negative energies. By calling on the power of Christ, we had the ability to vanquish these negative energies. I’m a believer!”

~Beth B., Texas, USA

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