“I had a client with a pretty lofty goal of getting rid of her fear of flying before her 60th birthday. We connected via telephone to commence our Body Code™ session. She had been dealing with this symptom for decades and she would always go into a state of panic throughout the whole flight.

“I connected with her subconscious via muscle testing and was able to find two major culprits for her fear. Flying wasn’t actually the issue, but it was more about the claustrophobia of being in a “enclosed place like sardines” as she described it to me. Using muscle testing, I found underlying causes and as I described the ages when they occurred, she started to dig into her memory files.

“I found multiple energies that needed to be released from age 9. She suddenly remembered clearly what happened during a game of hide-and-go-seek. She enclosed herself in a box and when the box locked itself, she was trapped inside for a quite a while. I removed the trapped energies from that experience since her body was ready to release them. The second experience that kept coming up was when she felt anxious and nervous during a legal court case while she was being questioned. The people who questioned her had the effect of “surrounding her” that made her feel confined.

“I am happy to share that after this one session, she was able to fly on the plane with no anxiousness or panic attack as she took a flight to celebrate her birthday with her family. The Body Code is truly a phenomenal tool to help people with fears!

~Emanuel Zevallos, Utah, USA

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