My lion families say hi. They live in big compounds in the African bush and I walk with them in the bush until they are about 3.5 yrs old. I feel privileged that they marked me to be part of their lion prides. Yes, I got sprayed numerous times to confirm that I belong with them. I must behave like them and accept that they talk to me in a telepathic way. Energy is helping me to pick up how they feel and to know when they want to rub cheeks to greet, when to kiss their forehead when I am offered it as sign of trust, etc.

I am fascinated by energy medicine and am learning as much as I can. I am using energy and telepathy with wild animals and was able to bond with lions in the African bush where I have gone to work with them on my vacations for the last four years. Thanks to picking up on their energy, I bonded with the older ones, who normally do not accept easily new people, especially being able to be with them only few weeks per year.

I have also researched other things and it seems that I am somebody they call an empath who picks up other creatures’ energies. (I read this a few years ago and followed a few websites to learn how to handle it as my shoulders hurt every time an energy vampire passes me and unloads negative energy on my shoulders and sucks away my positive energy.) But with my lions, they return only love, affection and only fight amongst themselves when they come to greet me and push themselves to be the first to rub cheeks with me. I am experimenting to see how much I can learn from them being amongst them using my own energy and learning telepathy with them as they are so different than smaller animals I was used to as a child back in Europe. So I am just learning myself with no guidance from others.

Thank you for helping me to understand more energy medicine as the principles are helping me to communicate and know how to behave in different situations when with my beloved lions, which was my childhood dream. They are love of my life and I feel privileged to have had this opportunity to be with them for few weeks per year for the last four years.

Many lions’ hugs,

Zdenka Vojkuvkova