“We LOVE the Emotion Code®! When we started using it, my girls and I had so much fun seeing what trapped emotions we could find and clear. One of the girls got excited and suggested that we check our dog, Lucy, for a trapped emotion. We did this and found that Lucy did indeed have the trapped emotion of blame. We tested that this was from when a farm worker had hit Lucy with his little pickup truck. We cleared the trapped emotion but then had to laugh because Lucy really did NOT like that man! The trapped emotion of blame totally made sense.

“One weekend we had some cousins over. One of the cousins was super whiny and cranky. After they finally went home, one of my girls said, “Wow, mom! She must really have some trapped emotions that need to be cleared!” I am so thankful that my girls know that the Emotion Code really does work and that they can recognize the need for it.

“My four-year-old saw me muscle testing one day. She asked matter of factly, “Was it shock?” The Emotion Code and the Body Code are part of our lives every day! I am so thankful that my girls are growing up with such amazing tools to help heal themselves and stay healthy. Thank you Dr. Brad for blessing my family and the world!”

~Tara Little Bear, Idaho, USA

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