“By learning about and using the Emotion Code®, I have regained my freedom, my self-determination and my health. For many years I suffered from feelings of being overwhelmed, fearful, insecure, and lonely. It was a sad life, trapped in a world of emotions that only allowed joy in small portions, although on the outside I apparently had everything I needed to be happy. I tried many methods in the field of energy healing to help myself, but it was the Emotion Code that broke through. In September 2020, I bought the book The Emotion Code and worked my way through it. I watched the videos on the internet and practiced the Emotion Code on myself almost every day.

“Now in August 2021, I have a new life. I cleaned up the inside and was able to release the Trapped Emotions™ of grief, hopelessness, loss of control and many more. I was allowed through muscle testing to discover all of those stuck emotions, which were acquired in childhood, in adolescence, and also inherited, and then release them through the use of magnets. With every release I became freer. Each time it was like a fresh wind that flooded and cleaned my energy system. I’m very grateful that Dr. Bradley Nelson, trusting in the existence of a higher power, was inspired by this energy healing method, which is as ingenious as it is simple to use.

“In January 2021, I decided to train to become a certified Emotion Code practitioner. I consider this step to be the best thing I can do with my life right now. I am allowed to share the experience that I have had. I know it is possible to bring more ease, joy, and happiness into life every day by finding and releasing Trapped Emotions. I would like to pass on this opportunity and significantly improve someone else’s life. I am grateful for everything that I have experienced in my life because it led me to my calling and my new job as a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.

~Elke Stritzke, Mühltal-Trautheim, Germany