“The Emotion Code® has been my go-to for years, to the point that when I’ve had a hard day, with emotional issues or conflicts, I go home and release any trapped emotions from the day. Doing that helps me stay ahead of the game and helps me sleep better at night so that I’m not stuck on that day’s emotion or conflict all night, or worse, for several days, weeks, or months.

I recently had a confrontation with someone who was extremely upset with me and she even brought in my regional director to the conversation. After talking it out and seeing that it was just a misunderstanding and I was following previous protocols, we worked things out. However, I was shocked and devastated by the the event and accusation, especially in front my mentor. I went home and started releasing trapped emotions for a couple of days until there weren’t any left and I didn’t beat up myself. I found that I could be around that person without resentment, and could look at my mentor in the eye. After I released the trapped emotions, I immediately noticed a change. I was more calm and was able to sleep all night like a baby. It took me two days to get out of my funk and fully work it all out, but there was no spin out, no anxiety, no worry, no guilt, and no ‘should have.’ I worked through it and moved on. In the past, a conflict like this would have eaten me alive.”

~Isabel A., USA

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