“Mary is a 65-year-old woman. She could not lift her left arm above her head and had been suffering huge pain in this area. After one [Emotion Code®] session, about eight Trapped Emotions were released and she reconnected to old memories. She phoned me the next day to say she had slept eight full hours and she did not remember the last time she did that and now she could lift her arm above her shoulder height.

“Debbie is a 14-year-old girl who would not go to school because of a girl in her class. We worked on releasing Trapped Emotions she had about the girl and had a good chat. We released three Trapped Emotions and her mother phoned me the next day to say she was in school. She has been able to go for over two weeks now.

“Anne, a 23-year-old college art student, who has suffered with anxiety and depression, had one session and we worked on releasing emotions from the time of her mother’s death. Her mother had committed suicide when Anne was 8 years old. We released nine Trapped Emotions, and on one of the releases, she reacted by becoming sick and very upset. We continued on until we had released nine. Over the next three nights, Anne had vivid dreams about her old house when she was younger and opening a closet in her old room and finding all of her belongings. She achieved a sense of freeing that young 8-year-old girl who was still locked in that house. She can’t wait to do more Emotion Code sessions and even wants to study this as part of her college project.”

~Melissa M., Ireland

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