“I love nothing more than navigating through this human experience with all of its twists and turns. And what I love even more is helping to guide my clients through the inevitable challenges of life. As a life coach, master hypnotist and soon to be Certified Emotion Code® Practitioner, I continue to find the perfect tools to be of service to my past, present and future clients. The Emotion Code fits perfectly into my toolbox.

Emotion is the key ingredient to being fully human. Learning processes to manage emotion is the secret to fully embracing our humanness. When I found The Emotion Code, I couldn’t put the book down. I knew immediately that learning Dr. Nelson’s Emotion Code and Body Code™ would be invaluable. Learning how to connect with the vast and limitless wisdom of the subconscious mind so I can help those in need to free themselves (and myself) from trapped emotions would be a game changer.

“As I step into this next chapter, I look forward to exploring where the work guides me next. Thank you for sharing this divine gift.”

~Jeanna Giraldi, Pennsylvania, USA

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