“A few months ago a pretty gray cat started visiting my property here in rural New Mexico. It didn’t have a collar and I had no idea where he came from. He was quite shy and wouldn’t come close to me but seemed to enjoy resting in the shade on my peaceful back porch. This went on for about two months. One morning I awoke to a terrible sound…a horrible yowling that I knew must have come from the cat. I went outside but it wasn’t in sight. The yowling went on all day. It was the worst sound I’d ever heard coming from a cat. It was heartbreaking.

“Finally I got the notion that perhaps the cat had come to me for help. So I decided to try doing an Emotion Code® session for him, by proxy. I did and found three very clear emotions that quickly cleared. It had apparently been badly mistreated somewhere. The yowling stopped immediately and I never heard or saw the cat again!

“I was so happy to have had this tool to be able to help this lovely cat.”

~Christa Swanson, New Mexico, USA

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