“During the Emotion Code® module six with a practice client we were able to witness just how amazing the Emotion Code is. This practice client is a disabled person who uses a walker. In 2006 she hurt her shoulder and needed surgery. She and her physician thought the physical therapy after surgery would be too difficult and she decided to live with the injury, doing her own physical therapy to keep from getting a frozen shoulder.

“I knew this about her, but we were not working on her shoulder. We were aiming to remove trapped emotions that may have caused an aversion to having her picture taken. I was not asking about body parts until she claimed her chest felt lighter after removing a trapped emotion. After that, I decided to ask what part of the body the emotions were trapped in. I found a trapped emotion in her neck and while releasing it, I had a vision which was just a flash, in which I saw her lift both of her arms. After releasing the trapped emotion from her neck, I asked her if she could try to raise both of her arms as high as she could. She screamed/squealed, “I can raise my bad arm as high as my good arm!! How is this possible???” I said, “I’m not sure, but that is amazing!” She kept lifting it and I said, “Take it easy, you have not moved this way in 16 years. You might get sore.”

She called me a couple of hours later so very excited because not only could she lift it up, but also in front of her and to the side, but still not behind her to put on a coat. I had asked how long it would take for all of this to process and got the answer of 3 days. I explained that things may come up to be released in that time and to take it easy and not do too much with her arm since it hadn’t made those movements in so long. On the third day she called to tell me she could now put her arm behind and was able to put on a light coat (not yet a heavy winter coat) on her own, and she never got sore. This is so big for her and I am so happy for her. It is amazing to me, not only that she can move her arm, but that the emotion in her neck from before her injury was so strong that it kept her shoulder from being able to heal right and make these movements for all of these years. I love the Emotion Code. Thank you Dr. Nelson for being brave enough to bring this to the world!

~Jennifer O’Keefe, Connecticut, USA

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