“There was a woman who brought her daughter to me for help with depression. As I worked with the little girl, it was clear that her struggles were things she picked up from her mom. I recommended to the mom that we work with her first. I explained the Emotion Code® and what we would be doing. She was unsure. I asked if I could remove just one trapped emotion, and then she could go home and decide from there. She agreed. I said a quick silent prayer and removed the emotion that came up. The next day I saw her and she quickly came over to me and said, “I have had a lump on my back for several years. I had been to the doctor and no one could figure out what it was. Last night after you did that session, the lump changed and then this morning, it came to a head and popped!” I love this work! Thank you Dr. Brad!!”

~Gina Angus, Utah, USA

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