“Mike had suffered with gout flare ups since his early 20’s. He is now in his late 40’s and is an otherwise healthy man. In his earlier years, the gout would flare up about twice a year but would not last very long. However, recently, it seemed that a gout attack was either starting or at the tail end, and occurring about every other week. Mike has many children and enjoys being active with them, but with the gout difficulty, he could barely get around. It really impacted his ability to engage with his children because the intensity was so severe.

Mike was completely skeptical about energy work, but had been urged by family members to give it a try and he relented. Using The Emotion Code® we released about four trapped emotions related to the gout. They were all from traumatic childhood events and severe neglect related to living as a young child in an alcoholic home with his younger siblings. I was able to determine the ages in which these emotions lodged in his body and the circumstances. He was astounded at the accuracy. Mike was a bit shaken at all this, and we were able to release these energies. It was overwhelming and Mike needed time to allow for processing. From that day until now (almost four months), Mike has not had a single gout attack! He is now a believer in energy healing.”

~Salina R., USA

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