“Since my Heart-Wall® has been removed, I am no longer triggered by past memories of family members. Instead, I feel comfortable knowing that we are okay with each other. Now, I can not only pray for my children and their spouses, I pray with shining love and joy toward them. My relationship with one daughter-in-law has been particularly strained. She messaged me last week saying, “I love you, Mom.” I can honestly say I love her too.

“Words like “devastated and utterly humiliated” are no longer a part of my emotional vocabulary. I was run over and dragged by a car when I was 16. Most of that trauma has been cleared away and I no longer suffer from burning chest pain. The relief of that pain has been my reminder if I ever wonder if the Emotion Code® and the Body Code™ Healing System work.”

~Denise N., British Columbia, Canada

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