“Since a friend of mine introduced me to the Emotion Code®, my life has changed drastically. The emotional pain from my childhood and adulthood is gone. I no longer have the feelings of rage toward individuals who have hurt me emotionally in the past. I am lighter, calmer, and more present.

“It was very difficult to practice the Emotion Code on my friend Linda. Muscle testing did not work well on her. Recently, I decided to use the sway test during the session. I put my hand on her shoulder and instead of asking her questions out loud, I said them in my mind. She responded to each question with her sways. When we came to a point that I needed to address it out loud and make her aware of what I was getting, she was able to connect easily to the information and validate it. Once validated, I was then able to release it. I removed the feeling of anxiety that she has had since the age of 5 when her family made her fear another family member unjustly. She was very grateful to release the emotion and has been able to move past it. It had built a Heart-Wall® that has now been taken down. Since then, her relationship with her family member has improved and she is able to help them more with their own health journey.”

~Michelle Farrugia, New York, USA

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