“I’m a horse trainer who specializes in troubled, misunderstood horses. I read The Emotion Code® a few weeks ago and it definitely resonates with me. The other day I was supposed to shoe a 2-year-old horse who was with me for carriage driving work. She had an accident with the cart, and I was rehabilitating her. I started working on her left hind foot, got it trimmed ok, walk over to the right side and tried lifting it. She became reactive and explosive, curled her back and kicked. I put a rope around it and managed to get it just off the ground by using all my strength, at the same time I put my finger in the corner of her mouth to make her jaw loosen.

“After a few minutes, I was able to lift her foot using both my hands and a lot of strength, but she was still tense. I wondered how I would manage to hammer eight sharp nails into her hoof.

“Then I had a thought and told a man who works for me, “C’mon let’s do something I’ve never done before!” I put him in front of the horse to act as surrogate. I asked about Trapped Emotions™ in the hind foot. Panic was discovered and released. Next I walked straight to the right hind foot and before I bend down to pick it up, the horse lifted it up to offer it to me. I successfully put shoes on both hind legs without her moving a muscle! On the contrary, she was yawning with her head hanging low and relaxed. I can hardly believe this change from explosive and dangerous to relaxed and trusting in three minutes.

“Later I found out that during her first experience being shoed, she collapsed down on the ground in fear, and was held down against her will during the whole experience. She got a big flesh wound on the right hind that got infected and her leg was as thick as a log for a week.

“I kept working on her the next couple of days and soon all problems were resolved! Horse was happy, relaxed and trusting!

“I also worked with a man at my stables. Since last autumn his knees were hurting. We released a couple of Trapped Emotions and his knee pain went away that same instant. His knees were tingling and warm. He is still free from pain.”

~Bente F., Børsa, Norway

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