“Two years into my divorce, I was still struggling with my overall “happy.” Hearing my son talk to his dad on the phone one evening sent me into a tailspin that lasted for about five days. On the fifth day, I incorporated the help of a massage therapist. While she worked over my sore spots, which were many, I ran through the list of emotions in my head by column letter and number of emotion in each row. I couldn’t use my hands to muscle test, I just had to go by the tingles I’d get when I’d touch on something. With the massage therapist’s help and my belief in the Emotion Code®, we cleared lots of trapped emotions that day. She used her technique and I used mine. My “happy” came back along with a new intuitive self that is able to help others. My testimony is also about gratitude. Thank you, Dr. Brad from the bottom of my heart that works again!”

~Britene L., Alaska, USA

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