“Petra, a 60-year-old, hard-working woman, is married and has two adult kids. She was starting to work with her inner child, but she couldn’t get through to reach her heart. After she saw a video with Dr. Brad, she contacted me for some Body Code™ sessions.

“Petra didn´t know very much about her childhood, just that her father had an alcohol problem and that there wasn’t much love. Her most important concern was to feel something, just to enjoy life, and to really feel it.

“We started working and found a memory field, the energy of a specific event in her early childhood that was stored in front of her and was blocking her from herself and her feelings.

“We released the memory field from when she was a baby at 4 months old. There were 3 emotions released from this memory (nervousness, stubbornness and grief). Through testing and intuition, we found that her father mistreated her by screaming very loudly at her. Petra said that this was very interesting because she had always had a problem with noise. She really couldn’t stand it.

“After we released this memory field and a misalignment in her liver, I asked her, “How do you feel?“ She said, “It’s really strange. I have a smile that I can’t control. It’s just there and coming from the inside. It’s genuine! I can’t remember ever having this!“

“Isn’t that an amazing story? The next time she came to see me, she said that the smile was still there!

~Kerstin Vogt, Darmstadt, Germany

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