“I began using the Emotion Code® regarding weight issues and compulsive eating. I have battled with excess weight since childhood and have been up and down the scale. I had reached my ideal weight 6 years ago and been maintaining it up until about 2 years ago when health issues got me down. I became anxious and depressed about my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I began overeating and making unhealthy choices and the weight started coming back on. Plus I couldn’t work out like before because of the pain in my joints.

“With the Emotion Code, I released Trapped Emotions™ and I started to experience a space of time between making poor food choices, instead of just grabbing and eating. I noticed my attention change from “having” to be slim to wanting to be healthy. It was subtle, yet powerful. Now I feel clear in myself. I feel like I’m not waging a constant inner battle with food choices.

“I continue to do the Emotion Code on myself because I can tell that some very deep layers are being cleared. This is a new me, a more aware and dynamic me. It is amazing to feel so respectful of myself and full of self-love and worthiness. That is what the previous bad choices were all about. Now I am feeling more free and almost automatically make good choices. I am getting better all the time.”

~Gail Beauregard, California, USA

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