“Last evening a hurricane was coming through my town and the wind was blowing fiercely. The windows were open and the 100-year-old maple tree outside my bedroom was really shaking. My two-year-old cat Dixie was totally freaked out and meowing like crazy. After listening to her cry for awhile, I finally decided to see what was bothering her. She wouldn’t come up on my bed because of the wind so I went on the floor under the bed to comfort her. She was pretty anxious and then it dawned on me to use The Emotion Code®.

“I discovered that she had feelings of abandonment which occurred right after birth. Someone had left seven newborn kittens on my friend’s farm, without the mother. I came to visit soon after and adopted one. We are very close energetically so I thought I would be able to help her. After her feelings of abandonment were released, she walked around for a minute, jumped on my bed and went to sleep. Amazing!”

~Anaya E., USA

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