“My own personal experience with the Emotion Code® has been very profound. I was first introduced to the Emotion Code early July 2020. After my first session I remember thinking, ‘What just happened? That was an amazing experience.’

“I immediately purchased the book. I began releasing my own trapped emotions regularly, many of them being inherited from my mother.

“The middle of August 2020 I was contacted by my mother’s best friend, saying that my mother would like to see my husband & myself. This was out of the ordinary as my mother and I had been estranged for nine years, on her side. My father passed away in 2010, and after that my mother became angry, bitter, and resentful.

“We met my mother on a Thursday, and she moved in with us that following Sunday to stay with us for two weeks. Since then we have helped my mother move into an assisted living facility.

“I have received the most amazing and beautiful gift I could have ever received. I have my mother back in my life! She is now a beautiful, loving, appreciative, and positive person. We have a wonderful relationship, better than we have had for many, many years and we talk every day. My daughter has a relationship with her grandmother that she felt she would never have. I attribute this all to the Emotion Code, as the only thing that was different was releasing my inherited trapped emotions.

“Thank you, Dr. Bradley Nelson, for bringing my mother back to me. ”

~Ruth S., British Columbia, Canada

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