“I removed my Heart-Wall® about 1 month ago. I had about 7 layers of Heart-Wall with materials, ranging from diamond to soft pillows. With the removal of every layer, I felt a subtle deepening within my heart. I felt a gradual shift from my head to my heart, and with that an inner peace that is not understandable to the mind. It feels like a rootedness into my own very being. I am at the center of my existence again inhabiting my heart fully.

“From this new place of existing, I experienced many changes. I could feel again the full range of emotions with high intensity. Before that I was numb to many feelings and felt lifeless and depressed often.

“My connection with others is much deeper and I feel a lot of love flowing into and out of my heart. My ability to give and receive love has changed dramatically. Love is abundant, where once it was scarce. My heart overflows with love. People respond to me so differently than before without me doing any effort. Many people are reconnecting with me that I haven’t heard from in years.

“I feel very authentic and there is no need for me to be anyone else anymore. I am so happy with who I am. I feel very comfortable in my own skin now with a lot of forgiveness and compassion toward myself. Before, I couldn’t accept myself nor forgive myself. I would talk down to myself often and get stuck in patterns of self destruction. Now, I have the freedom of stepping out of these ingrained patterns. I feel free.

“I feel a deep gratitude for my new state of being and a growing compassion for humanity as a whole. Now I understand that the core of human suffering is trapped emotions. There is no such thing as a bad human being, only people with differing degrees of trapped emotions and Heart-Walls.

“I stopped judging myself and others. I have much more inner peace and I feel abundant in many ways. Mostly in love… Actually, I realized that that is Who I Am… Love. What is more beautiful than that? And I feel that my mission in life is to share that with others. To help them remember who they are… Love.

“Thank you so much.”

~Robbi Cuijpers, Posterholt, Netherlands

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