“After learning of the Emotion Code® and experiencing very positive results with just a few sessions, I decided to get my Heart-Wall® cleared. It was the BEST decision I ever made. The amount of fear (terror actually) that left my body and mind was amazing. I knew then that I had to learn to facilitate these tools for others.

“I enrolled in the Emotion Code training and proceeded, one step at a time, to work with myself and my volunteers. The process of learning the Emotion Code and working with others during my certification was amazing! And, low and behold, people were getting results! In three different cases, women reported long-time relationship “obsessive stuckness” issues simply dissolving. One client reported that she was finally able to lose weight and work out the way she had wanted to for years.

“And there were many other “wins” along the way too. In my own case, to be able to be doing this work for others was a dream come true that had eluded me for over a decade. Also, I felt very supported by my helpful and supportive Emotion Code student advisor during the certification process. That was important to me. The whole experience was a WIN-WIN-WIN! I’d highly recommend!”

~Theresa W., California, USA

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