“Earlier this year, one of my health coach clients decided not to work with me anymore. She was changing jobs and didn’t have the same cash flow. We ended on good terms that would allow her to continue with me again at another time. I took it really hard because I thought we were a great connection and she was noticing changes in herself. Anyway, my feelings of being dismissed and dumped hit me hard. I was questioning everything I did and felt really low and sad.

My cat Gracie was around me all during this time and when I took her to get her claws trimmed, she lashed out at the person trimming, scratching and hissing a lot. Then Gracie acted like she was very mad at me. I felt awful for the claw trim person and my cat. When I got home, I decided to use The Emotion Code® to check Gracie for trapped emotions since she was acting so different. The first one she had was creative insecurity. I thought it was an odd emotion for a cat, so I asked if it was her emotion. Nope. It was mine. It turned out that poor Gracie had absorbed six trapped emotions from me when I was bummed out about losing my client. I released them all from her and me, and within an hour, she was back to her usual friendly cat-self.”

~Carol B., USA

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