“An 80-year-old woman was suffering with memory loss. She had problems finding stuff, with orientation, having conversations, keeping track of time and organizing her life.

“I worked on her using The Body Code™ and went into Circuits and Systems, which shows different parts of the brain. I found and released all kinds of underlying causes for the malfunctioning parts of her brain. I released her Heart-Wall®. After the first session, she felt much clearer and alert. She said in that week she felt much more in the present and feeling alert.

“After three more sessions, now she is now able to organize her life. Other older people search out her company to have conversations with her. She is much more alert and happy. Even her clothing is now elegant. She says that her life is now much happier, easier and clearer. She now reads a lot of books and with time, feels she is improving.”

~Stephanie R., Germany

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