“One of my first Emotion Code® releases on myself was a Trapped Emotion of inherited terror. I had been afraid for a long time to be home alone, especially at night time. My entire body would seize up with fear and I would be certain that I was hearing someone breaking in pretty regularly. I would even wake up at the smallest noise in the middle of the night and have my husband walk around the house to make sure we were safe. If I was going to be home alone or with the kids even for one night without my husband here, I would take them to my parents’ house so that I would not have to deal with the fear.

“After we released this inherited terror, I have been able to be home alone for multiple days on end and even walk around outside at night time with zero fear. I am not constantly worrying about if the house is locked up or if the alarm system is on. I feel completely relaxed and peaceful!”

~Chantel C., Kansas, USA

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