Ask yourself this question: Do I respect and acknowledge my own feelings?

This is an important part of your emotional health. Not only can acknowledging your feelings help prevent trapped emotions right there in the moment, it also helps you to understand yourself so that you can work on becoming more in control of your emotional responses. This, of course, helps prevent trapped emotions in the long run, so it has 2 benefits.

Anytime you are having an intense or uncomfortable emotional response, try to really identify the exact emotion that you are experiencing. If you’re feeling angry, just admit it to yourself – it’s okay to feel angry once in a while! Next, take 5 or 10 deep breaths and focus on nothing else but letting that emotional vibration leave your body. At least, this can distract you enough from the situation so you can choose a different emotion that is less difficult or painful. We highly recommend choosing curiosity! And remember to use The Emotion Code to find and clear any trapped emotions you may have just created, or maybe an old one or two that contributed to your emotional upset in the first place. This is a great way to deal with the ups and downs in life, so you can rule your emotions instead of being ruled by them!