I am a headache sufferer, fortunately I have learned how to prevent from getting so many. When I do get one I’ve learned how to get rid of it as soon as possible. Since I’ve been using these techniques I rarely suffer from migraines, and my headaches, which used to happen 1-2 times a week, now happen once a month, if not less.

Headaches affect everyone differently, there is no cure all, but to help prevent you from getting headaches here are some tips that may work for you:

1. Every morning after you wake up, stretch for 10 minutes, or do a light yoga routine
2. When you feel stress at any time of the day, take a moment and breathe in and exhale deeply 10 times, and let your mind go clear as your muscles relax
3. The food we eat can be a major source of headaches, so eat healthy foods, and use plenty of fruits, veggies and nuts, make sure they are organic
4. This is a big one, drink plenty of water, about 8 glasses, if not more
5. If you do feel a headache coming on use essential oils. I like peppermint, or lavender
6. And my favorite, use the Emotion Code or Body Code to see if there are any reasons why you have, or are getting a headache
7. In fact, even before you get a headache release any trapped emotions, and find the root cause of your headaches
8. Some people find placing a cold cloth on their neck really helps out
9. If your muscles just need to relax, try taking a hot bath, or shower
10. Keep a headache journal, and log when you get them, how long they last, and what might have brought it on

If you have any tips please share them, I can use whatever help I can get, as I’m sure you can too.