Hormones play a big role in our lives as they control many body functions. When we are in good health our endocrine glands produce just the right amount of hormones at exactly the right time and this keeps the body balanced beautifully. Any slight imbalance in the production or action of our hormones can cause dis-ease. These diseases are referred to as hormonal diseases. Some day to day examples of this are diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and hypothyroidism, etc.

As you may know everything is energy. Keeping that thought in mind, when working with any dis-ease we can ask the subconscious mind what needs to be released in order to allow the body to come back to balance. 

A short time ago I was inspired by Beth Foley (Body Code Practitioner), to look further into hormonal disease. She suggested that we look at what percentage the immune system is functioning at, and then to check the hormones to see if they were functioning at 100% of the optimal levels for the body.

Chain reactions happen on all levels. Initially a chain reaction starts with the glands functioning optimally while each hormone is released when required. The release mechanism, and then the functioning of the hormone, needs to be optimal. When working with the Emotion Code or Body Code it is important to always ask what trapped emotions need to be released in order to allow the glands to function optimally.

I’ve been working with a client who has diabetes, and after coming across Beth’s information on hormones I thought that working on my clients hormone issues could be another way of working with these kinds of conditions.

When you check for trapped emotions ask if the hormones are working at 100% of their capability. By asking we are releasing any other energies that are interfering with its ability to function optimally.

Questions that you can ask after making sure all glands are happy:
Which hormones are not functioning optimally and creating this dis-ease or symptom?
Is there a hormone on this chart that is contributing to this dis-ease or symptom?
What level is the hormone functioning at, less then 50% or more then 50%? (go ahead and deduce the level)
Then ask:
 Is there an emotion or something on the Body Code chart (depending on whether you are using EC or BC) that is causing this hormone to be imbalanced?

Once identified, release the emotion and then go back to check if there is anything else that is causing the imbalance. When nothing else is showing up, ask at what level it is functioning now. In one session there can be many hormones that need balancing or there could only be one. It can vary.

I continue to work with my diabetic client on their issue. After the first day of working on their hormone issue his fasting blood sugar began to hover just slightly above normal. This has also happened after previous sessions, but this time he said he felt better. I continue to allow my intuition to guide me and ask for help, and as Dr. Brad always says, this is for the good of our clients and ourselves.

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