Can the Emotion Code work on children? Of course the answer is yes, but I wanted to share how it can really change their perception of the world we live in and allow them to BE themselves. 

Just today, I was walking with my son and he said to me, “Mom, my left knee is hurting, can you do some magic on it?”, gesturing with the muscle testing method that I use.

Children are more aware of energies around them than adults are, and every thing is energy. It is as they grow up, that children take on the beliefs and limitations of everyone else, and slowly begin to become less aware of their innate ability to sense and feel energies.

The Emotion Code is based on the fact that everything is energy, including our emotions. These emotions can become trapped anywhere in our body, and they can then “interfere” with the energy of our body. It is as if the tissues in which the trapped emotions are trapped, take on the frequency of the the emotion rather then being the frequency it is meant to be. As a result, this can impact the way that the tissue functions. Releasing the trapped emotion, using the Emotion Code allows the tissue to come back to it’s own frequency and “health”.

Recently, I had a client who I felt inspired to gift her my copy of The Emotion Code, as she found it so helpful in our session. She told me that when she got home, her 18 year old daughter had taken it off her and devoured the whole book. Both mother and daughter then began to work on themselves using the methods taught in the book, and here is her account of what happened:

“My daughter has had many doctor appointments ranging over a four year period as the result of having pains in her stomach. She has endured three blood tests, a scan, many examinations and was in the process of being referred to a specialist. At one point, she was rushed into hospital with severe stomach pains. After a thorough examination, the doctors could not find any cause. She was eventually diagnosed with IBS. This caused her problems in every day of her life. Medicinal drugs helped to alleviate the symptoms, but never the cause. After using The Emotion Code, her symptoms of IBS disappeared completely. We used The Emotion Code to treat trapped emotions such as anxiety, nervousness and worry which lifted the previous heaviness and knots in her stomach which then released any further symptoms of IBS. The symptoms did NOT return even when faced with situations where she would feel uptight and cause her symptoms to worsen.

My daughter also had a strange phobia to pineapple. She could not look, smell, touch or eat it. We knew that my late mother strongly disliked pineapple. We decided that we should try and treat it as a trapped emotion that she may have picked up from her late grandmother and we asked for it to be released. We also pinpointed that she was approximately one year of age when the emotion became trapped. She overcame her phobia instantly. It was so simple. She had had this phobia all her life. I gave her a piece of pineapple, which she managed to eat easily and enjoy. She was also able to cut up pieces of pineapple and look at the pineapple without any issues and she actually liked the taste.

The Emotion Code has changed my life and my daughter’s life. We are now going to work on releasing our Heart Walls too. This has been the biggest gift in our lives. ”

For me what I perceive this method does, is allows children to know that there are other ways of looking at pain in the body, or any other symptoms, and recognizing that we aren’t victims to it, but empowers them to recognize their own innate abilities, and that they have choice.

What happened with my son’s knee, I released some trapped emotions using the Emotion Code. His words? “Thanks Mom.”

by Charan Surdhar Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner