When you experience a traumatic event or suffer through prolonged negativity, it is easy to understand why you might be on an emotional roller coaster. But what if you are struggling with an inexplicable sense of hopelessness or sadness, with no specific situation to identify as the trigger? Or, perhaps you feel as though you’re carrying emotional baggage that isn’t your own? If that is the case, you may be dealing with emotional inheritance.

What are Inherited Emotions?

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You may feel that you are doing all of the right things – exercising, eating right, practicing mindfulness, and using energy healing work – yet the anxiousness and despair you feel will not leave. This might be because what you are feeling didn’t originate with you. It’s possible that you have inherited that emotion from one of your ancestors. If this is the case, the instigating factor or experience could go back many years, having become trapped generations earlier and passed down to you via inherited emotional energy. 

Trapped emotions have energetic resonance, and these energies can be passed down from generation to generation without our awareness. While we may not know they exist, they can still have a negative impact on our lives! We call these energies Inherited Trapped Emotions, and they can be addressed through the Emotion Code® and the Body Code™. It might sound “out there,” but there is actually science behind this phenomenon.

Not sure what trapped emotions are? Learn about them here!

The Science of Emotional Inheritance

At Emory University, experiments conducted on mice found that a traumatic event can leave an imprint in the DNA of sperm, thereby affecting the behaviors of future generations. This emerging science is known as “transgenerational epigenetic inheritance” or epigenetics. It is becoming more apparent that these influences may create a chemical fingerprint on genetic material, and then be transferred to you by one or both biological parents.

By using the ideas and practices in the Emotion Code and the Body Code, not only may you have the potential to release your current trapped emotions, but also the potential to release inherited emotions from past generations, alive or deceased.

Resolving Inherited Trapped Emotions with Energy Healing

Understanding emotional inheritance helps make it possible to resolve a host of physical and emotional complaints. We are energy, and we believe that each emotion has its own energy and its own frequency. Our premise is that identifying and releasing inherited or trapped emotional energy can free and empower you to be your best, physically and emotionally.

The benefits of releasing inherited emotions may have the power to improve your life on many levels. Inherited emotions that cause constant feelings of anxiousness and negativity can lead to physical conditions such as:

  • Physical discomfort
  • Metabolic concerns
  • Eating and sleeping problems

By lightening our emotional load using the Emotion Code and the Body Code, you may enable your body to restore itself from these and other physical conditions. Learn more about trapped emotions and emotional inheritance, as well as many other energy healing practices and ideas, when you pick up your expanded and updated copy of The Emotion Code.

How to Resolve Inherited Trapped Emotions With the Emotion Code or the Body Code

Once you have identified that you (or your client) have an inherited emotion, you will want to determine which emotion is trapped using the Emotion Code Chart of Emotions. Then, once you have identified the trapped inherited emotion, the next step is to find even more details about the trapped emotions. Use muscle testing to determine which parent you (or the subject) received this trapped emotion from, working your way back up the family tree as necessary until you identify the person who originally created and trapped the emotion.
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Follow this line of questioning, keeping track of your answers along the way: 
  1. Ask, “Did I inherit this from my mother?” Perform a muscle test. If the answer is yes, note this and skip to step 3.
  2. Ask, “Did I inherit this from my father?” Perform a muscle test. If the answer is yes, note this and go to step 3.
  3. Ask, “Did she/he inherit it from one of her/his parents?” If the answer is no, you are done with this process and skip to step 7. If the answer is yes, continue to step 4.
  4. Ask, “Did she/he inherit this from her/his mother?” Perform a muscle test. If the answer is yes, note this and skip to step 6.
  5. Ask, “Did she/he inherit this from her/his father” Perform a muscle test. If the answer is yes, note this and go to step 6.
  6. Ask, “Did she/he inherit it from one of her/his parents?” If the answer is no, you are done with this process. If the answer is yes, jump back to step 4.
  7. Once you’ve identified the origin of the inherited trapped emotion, use your magnet to swipe ten times down your governing meridian to release it.
After getting results that go back more than 3 or 4 generations, you may want to switch to asking questions like: “Does this go back ten generations?” and muscle test for answers to identify when the trapped emotion originated instead of testing each individual generation. Some inherited trapped emotions can go way back!

Could Releasing Your Children’s Trapped Emotions Influence Family Dymanics?

When you find and release an inherited emotion, this trapped emotion is released from everyone who had it, in the entire family line. This can impact the family’s relationship with one another in quite a dramatic way since it means that multiple generations are free from this heavy emotional energy! 

When you release an inherited trapped emotion from your child, you also may be releasing it from yourself, your own parents, and even their parents before them. Perhaps the trapped emotion you find and release has been in the family for much longer. In Dr. Bradley Nelson’s practice, the record for how long a trapped emotion had been passed down was a shocking 187 generations!

Releasing these types of trapped emotions could mean a better family dynamic for everyone. By freeing many generations from a trapped emotion, you’ll likely experience peace and balance in every relationship!

Don’t worry if you don’t master releasing inherited trapped emotions right away. This is a more complex topic that is discussed in depth in Level 1: Emotion Code Certification. Sign up for certification if you’d like to learn more!