Everyone has intuition, but not everyone has learned to tap into their inner knowledge easily. Intuition can be a powerful tool to guide you through life since it can act as an internal compass that always guides you toward your truth. Strong intuition can help you make decisions that benefit you, choose positive relationships, lead you toward success, and help you navigate through life with more certainty. These techniques will help you strengthen your intuition and develop confidence in your intuitive gifts. 

What is Intuition?

“Intuition is seeing with the soul.” Dean Koontz

Have you ever been in a situation and had a strong gut feeling about what you should or shouldn’t do? That feeling can be defined as your intuition. Think of intuition as an inner knowing or understanding of what’s right for you. Intuition isn’t based in your conscious mind, which can make it a harder concept to understand. It’s more of a feeling than a concrete, definite fact.

Some call intuition seeing with the third eye. This metaphor is powerful because intuition truly is seeing through the eyes of the soul. It is this intuitive ‘seeing’ that helps us read between the lines in our lives. It helps us to perceive things unseen, unspoken, and oftentimes unknown to our conscious minds. 

The more you can quiet your mind by taking time to be still and reflective, the more you may be able to recognize your intuition. Different people may experience their intuition in various ways, but once you’ve felt that strong instinct you’ll be able to recognize it more easily the next time. For some, intuition may present as a gut feeling. For others, intuition presents as thoughts, dreams, or strong emotions.

Examples of intuition or intuitive experiences:

  • An unexplained ‘knowing’ that something is going to happen before it happens
  • Feeling strong positive or negative emotions toward a person you just met
  • Having the feeling that you should go to a particular place, or do a certain activity without a real explanation why
  • An inner certainty that you should pursue a certain course of action
  • An inexplicable feeling that isn’t directly related to anything currently happening
  • Flashes, or glimpses, of things that seem to come out of nowhere 

10 Ways to Activate Your Intuition

By caring for yourself and putting effort into strengthening your intuition, you’ll be able to listen to it more closely, trust the answers that it provides you, and act on those feelings. If you’re interested in developing your intuition, treat it like a muscle that gets stronger with use. With time and effort, you’ll become more aware of how your inner voice expresses itself. Use these techniques to start developing your intuition.

  1. Quiet Your Mind With Meditation

If the mind is busy and full, it’s much harder to hear your inner voice. By spending time in silence, actively attempting to quiet the conscious mind and tap into your subconscious, you may be able to become more in tune with yourself and your intuition. Meditation is simple, and requires no experience or special tools! Simply take a comfortable seated position (or lay down if sitting is too uncomfortable for your body), close your eyes, and enjoy a few minutes of stillness. You can also try a guided meditation on an app such as Gaia, or a free video on YouTube. When the mind is quiet, you may be able to hear and interpret messages from your heart more clearly. 

  1. Listen to Your Body

For many people, intuition can be felt in the body. By becoming more connected to how your body feels, you’ll be able to feel subtle shifts more easily. Notice how you feel physically when you’re trying to make a choice. If one option makes you feel uneasy, queasy, or sick, and the other makes you feel light and comfortable, these are helpful cues that can guide your decisions. 

  1. Use Muscle Testing

Muscle testing can be a powerful way to tap into your body’s knowledge. This way of asking your subconscious for answers to your wellness questions is an important part of the Emotion Code® and the Body Code™, and can be used to effectively communicate with your subconscious mind. It’s a noninvasive method designed to easily figure out what your body wants and needs, and can be used as a way to access your intuition in a consistent way. 

  1. Clear your Heart-Wall

“In 1991, Dr. J. Andrew Armour discovered that the heart has its own nervous system that operates independently from the brain. The heart’s nervous system has all the necessary components to learn, sense, feel, and remember. The study of the heart’s neurological system is now called Neurocardiology. In terms of stress, the heart’s neurological system records certain events. When a heart builds up layers of memory, we in the Emotion Code world metaphorically refer to it as a Heart-Wall®. This is a wall of memories and emotions that keeps us from experiencing life as we would otherwise. With this understanding of the heart, it is easy to see why our negative experiences in life can become trapped in this heart memory. We can become overwhelmed into a state of emotional numbness that deflects spiritual, energetic communications.

Once cleared of a Heart-Wall, you will likely experience greater confidence in your understanding of the intuitions that come. By removing negative filters of memory, the intelligence of the heart can more clearly receive and perceive communications from people and from yourself. I have seen individuals experience greater confidence in their understanding of the intuitions that come. This is because the body, specifically the memory of the heart, is clear of stress frequencies and emotional triggers. Your mind may remember the experiences, but the heart memory, which operates a bit differently than the brain, can no longer use negative filters that have been removed. You are freer as a conduit to receive messages.”

Excerpt contributed by Alisa Fisher, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

  1. Follow Your Instincts

If you notice a strong impression, try following that gut feeling! Even if there is no concrete evidence it’s the right choice, test out what happens when you trust yourself. See where that choice takes you. By observing the positive outcomes that may come from following your intuition, you might be able to trust your gut in the future. Start with low-pressure choices such as what to eat for dinner or what road to take home, and expand from there. 

  1. Spend Time in Nature

Humans are meant to be in nature, and spending time outdoors can help us to tap back into our elemental selves. Plus, many studies have shown the calming effects of spending time in the natural world. By decompressing, clearing your mind, and spending time away from the distractions of modern life, you may be able to hear your intuition more clearly.

  1. Spend Time Off Technology

“Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye.” – Bill Hicks

“Having the conscious and subconscious minds as free as possible from the thoughts of others expressed energetically through words, imagery and music make us more available to have our own thoughts. We then become clearer conduits for the energies of intuition.

Intuition is strongest when the mind, body, and spirit are balanced. This balance is most likely to occur when we are energetically nourishing our body and spirit. Everything is energy. Food is a form of energy we give to our bodies. Some foods and substances strengthen and heal the body. Others do damage and create a condition of disease and even death. It is the same with media of all types. Some are positive energies and strengthen the soul, and others are negative and weaken or destroy it. Unless you are the creator of the media you ingest, all other forms of media are someone else’s expression of their energy of thought. These thoughts influence and affect our minds, bodies, and spirits on an energetic level. 

When we watch television, films, or listen to music, our brain wave activity slows to levels between the Alpha and Delta states. This brain wave activity is much like being in a hypnotic state. Anyone who has seen a slack-jawed child with a blank gaze staring at the TV knows the telltale signs of the Delta state. The path of active thinking has been cleared for someone else’s ideas and suggestions to enter and imprint upon the mind of the consumer. 

These distractions can have harmful effects on our ability to listen to ourselves. Try taking time away from your phone, laptop, and TV. Determine a reasonable amount of time that you will not ingest media content such as magazines, music, video games, television, Internet-based media, or movies. Make it achievable. Start with one full day. Then increase it to a second day, and so on. Replace the time formerly spent with media doing something that strengthens you such as meditating, recreating, praying, interacting with friends and family, creating, or accomplishing something that has been put aside. Observe your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical states. You may enjoy journaling your observations and increased intuitions. As you wean yourself off of negative media, replace it with positive media that strengthens you and leaves you better than it found you so that you may be empowered to go and do the same in the world.”

Excerpt submitted by Alisa Fisher, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

  1. Get creative

Creativity is a powerful way to quiet the cognitive mind and allow your intuition to speak up. Try spending a little each week engaging in creative activities such as drawing, collaging, journaling, doodling, dancing, creating a new recipe, or anything else that accesses your creativity.

  1. Write Down Your Dreams

When you’re sleeping, the conscious mind rests and creates space for the subconscious to take over. Sometimes your dreams can contain clues from your intuition. When you first wake up, try to write down anything you remember from your dreams, and take note of anything that resonates or feels meaningful. 

  1. Release Trapped Emotions and Energies

The Emotion Code and the Body Code can help clear any trapped emotions or imbalances that prevent you from being able to fully access your intuition. Trapped or stagnant energy can interfere with your ability to quiet your mind and hear your inner voice. 

Intuition and Your Higher Power

“Intuition is the process of receiving insights and knowledge greater than our own. Our bodies and spirits can be like communications antennas that receive these pure, energetic forms of communication. So, if intuition truly is viewing the world around us through the eyes of the soul (our corporeal and spiritual selves), then intuition can be considered a form of communication with God, or your Higher Power. 

There are many who feel disconnected from their higher power and do not feel their intuitive connection is strong. I send a loving, heartfelt invitation to you to clear the pathways of communication by applying the Emotion Code and Body Code in your life. Consider the benefits of living a more inspired life through deeper communication with God!  It makes our journey smoother on the path of life. It shows us that we are never alone. It helps us to come to know ourselves and perceive the needs of others. It helps us to feel God’s love for us. This precious, heaven-sent information activates opportunities for us to become conduits for God’s love for others. Does it not make sense to clear the paths to our hearts and minds so these gentle whisperings can reach us?”

Excerpt submitted by Alisa Fisher, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

For Certified Practitioners: Using Intuition When Practicing the Body Code and the Emotion Code

“When you are doing an Emotion Code or Body Code session and looking for guidance, don’t try and search for answers, or listen for words if they don’t come easily. Instead, try to clear your mind of other thoughts, ask for help from above, and then wait to see what happens. You may find something “arrives” in your head one way or another that you can use to progress. When using the Emotion Code you are only likely to need to use intuition to guide the questioning you require to find additional emotions to clear particularly deep-rooted issues.

However, when using the Body Code there are a number of energies that require intuition to establish the detail, for example:

  • The wording for a Despair Anchor
  • The description of an Image
  • The wording for a negative statement resulting from a Post-Hypnotic Suggestion
  • The thought or idea that the client has an Intolerance to

These can seem daunting when first using the Body Code, but once you have learned to recognize your intuition they are very satisfying to identify. Once you think you know what the answer is, you may need to be brave when articulating the thought to your client as it might seem unlikely. However, as soon as you voice it, it isn’t unlikely to hear a client express either a deep connection with the thought or even say things like, “I don’t know why but that thought just came into my head too”.

Sometimes you will find that nothing initially comes to mind, and if this is still the case even after you have offered up a quick prayer for guidance, this may be because the client needs something else cleared first. Ask, “Is there something blocking us from identifying…?” and you may get a strong muscle-test response. Find out what is causing the block, clear it, and settle again to identify the element you are looking for. It is an amazing experience to have something clearly reveal itself when only minutes before there was nothing there.”

Excerpt submitted by Hazel Markou, Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner

Strengthening Intuition Through Energy Healing 

Energy healing can make all the difference in your ability to hear and trust your intuition. If you’re skeptical, read on for powerful testimonials from those who have experienced massive shifts in their ability to perceive their intuition after energy healing sessions! 

“I think I had a Heart-Wall®. I suffered a lot at the time, but I couldn’t cry, nor allow myself to feel emotions to really live. Somehow I felt partially trapped. Singing was not possible. I found it difficult to really get involved with other people from the heart. When my Heart-Wall came off, I felt more connected to other people again. Now I feel guided by my heart. I feel how strong the energy of the heart is! I feel it as truth in me and can better follow my own intuition.”

Testimonial Submitted by Luzia B., Paderborn, Germany

“Last year I used the Emotion Code® to release a massive and dense Heart-Wall®, which in turn opened the floodgates to all sorts of spiritual growth I’d never expected. Without the shield constricting my heart, I was suddenly able to access my higher-dimensional abilities. It’s been an amazing journey.”

Testimonial Submitted by Patrick Prohaska, California, USA

Ready to start following your intuition? If you feel called to turn towards energy healing, we can help. Get started with our free 14-Day Emotion Code Challenge today, and you could be releasing the trapped energy that’s holding you back in just two weeks! Or, visit our Practitioner Map to find a Certified Practitioner that can help you begin your energy healing journey.