How To Improve Your Intuition
Part 1: The Emotion Code

“Intuition is seeing with the soul.” 
- Dean Koontz

Intuition is the process of receiving insights and knowledge greater than our own. Intuition that improves and expands our lives is proof enough for me that God speaks to man. I believe that the soul is the sacred combination of the spirit and body. I believe that our bodies and spirits are like communications antennas that receive these pure, energetic forms of communication. So, if intuition truly is viewing the world around us through the eyes of the soul (our corporeal and spiritual selves), then intuition can be considered a form of communication with God. It is because of our connection to God, the Creator of our souls, that I call this communication process “spiritual intuition”. Other terms that people often use to describe spiritual intuitions are words like promptings, impressions, and gut feelings. Some call it prayer. My focus is to help you improve this intuitive, communication process.

In 1991, Dr. J. Andrew Armour discovered that the heart has its own nervous system that operates independently from the brain. The heart’s nervous system has all the necessary components to learn, sense, feel, and remember. The study of our heart’s neurological system is now called Neurocardiology. In terms of stress, the neurological system of our heart records certain events. Our hearts build up layers of memory that we in The Emotion Code world metaphorically refer to as a Heart-Wall. This is a wall of memories and emotions that keeps us from experiencing life like we would otherwise. With this understanding of the heart, it is easy to see why our negative experiences in life can become trapped in this heart memory. We can become overwhelmed into a state of emotional numbness that deflects spiritual, energetic communications.

Once cleared of a Heart-Wall, you will likely experience greater confidence in your understanding of the intuitions that come. By removing negative filters of memory, the intelligence of the heart can more clearly receive and perceive the communications from people and from God. I have seen individuals experience greater confidence in their understanding of the intuitions that come. This is because the body, specifically the memory of the heart, is clear of stress frequencies and emotional triggers. Your mind may remember the experiences, but the heart memory, which operates a bit differently than the brain, can no longer use negative filters that have been removed. You are freer as a conduit to receive messages.

For many years I have been asked how I have developed such a strong intuition. I was raised in a home and culture of spiritual impressions. My parents taught us that we were known and loved by God in a very real, personal way. They taught that just as they gave us watchful care and nurturing, that God would never leave His children to navigate through life without loving guidance such as spiritual intuitions. My parents spoke to us in the language of spiritual intuition. They carefully shared their intuitions, as it was appropriate for us to know, and as children, our intuitions were respected and valued. Within this safe environment I observed that the spiritual intuitions came through my dominant intelligence in the moment of the intuition. I quickly discovered that some days it came through the quiet, gentle, feelings of my heart. Especially if I was feeling mentally fatigued from my school and music studies. Interestingly, at those times of receiving feelings in my heart, my mental state would improve in some way to help me accomplish what I needed to do.  Other days it came through my thoughts as quiet ideas or direction as to what I needed to do for myself or someone else.  This seemed to happen on days when my emotions may have been running a little higher than usual. Those impressions given to my mind oftentimes quieted my emotions and calmed me. However spiritual intuitions came, greater mind, body, spirit balance occurred. The influence of these spiritual intuitions was accomplished without manipulation of my feelings, and never overruled my free will. The process remains the same today.

If your heart is heavy because you were not raised in an environment that facilitated the development of spiritual intuition, then I am happy to say that today can be the end of that sorrow and the beginning of a joyful journey of intuitive development! Let this be a spiritual gift you give to yourself, to God and the world! While this is a very personal form of communication between you and God, you can be the example of intuitive development for your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and any children you are blessed to interact with. This is a spiritual gift of communication that can also be shared with friends, spouses and significant others.  As you respectfully listen to and share some of your intuitive experiences with each other you will find that your trust, respect, and connection will deepen. Remember to keep these in confidence, as it is a privilege to be invited into a portion of the sanctuary of intuitive communication between God and one of His children.

I recognize that there are many who feel disconnected from God and do not feel their intuitive connection is strong. I send a loving, heartfelt invitation to you to clear the pathways of communication by applying The Emotion Code in your life. Consider the benefits of living a more inspired life through a deeper communication with God!  It makes smoother our journey on the path of life. It shows us that we are never alone. It helps us to come to know ourselves and perceive the needs of others. It helps us to feel God’s love for us. This precious, heaven-sent information activates opportunities for us to become conduits for God’s love for others. Does it not make sense to clear the paths to our hearts and minds so these gentle whisperings can reach us?

By Alisa Fisher, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner