Your time today is what you have been given. What you think, feel, and do in present time is what carries you forward into each new day. How you feel as you experience your life each moment is what determines your level of fulfillment and it dictates what you will into action, determining your outcome. The attitude you choose will define or color your interpretations of those outcomes. A positive attitude may open up room for conceptual understandings just as a negative attitude closes doors to deeper insights. We generally think of attitude as being a conscious choice but also realize that choice is influenced by the subconscious energies in your energy field; the trapped emotions, resonances, images, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, broadcast messages, anchors and other energies that literally act as the filters you see, feel and essentially interpret your experiences through. How important it is to have clean filters so that your perspective is clear.

Life bustles around us at a pretty fast clip much of the time. You might think life is more pleasant if you don’t have too much challenge, if you don’t need to stretch or concern yourself too much. On the surface, you may think of difficulties as unpleasant or undesirable. Pleasurable experiences such as entertainment, vacations, and fun experiences balance life. Sometimes they temporarily block out pain allowing you to take a break from the difficulties you face. More than anything, we try to escape from pain. Generally our desire to avoid pain has been found to be about 10 times stronger than our desire for pleasure. Focus can be on avoiding pain or attracting pleasure and we often choose to avoid pain.

The flip side of difficulty is Easy Street. When you are there too long you may get frustrated or bored, even complacent. That’s painful, too because joy is found after growth. Growing requires challenge. You feel alive when you are challenged, when you are actually overcoming a problem, achieving something great or learning something new. The chick hatching out of its shell, the butterfly emerging from the cocoon, the foal standing after birth and all of nature show us how challenge is important for growth and progress. Growth is progress and inevitably results in joy.

Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioners find themselves in a sacred trust. That trust is between them and the individuals they work with. Clients come to us to shed their baggage, find relief, improve their life and experience personal growth and healing. Life has probably given them some challenges and difficulties. When they realize that it’s up to them to seek change and get past their challenge, they look to us, the healers, for help. They want nothing more than to find solutions and relief so that they can be at peace once again. For them it’s about the quality of their life or even about having a life at all. Every person is important and has immense value. Every person wants their life to be fulfilling and happy yet each of us has obstacles to overcome. It’s all about growth.

It takes courage to step up to meet and greet challenges, yet they are meant to be there. They are our opportunities for growth. We need pain to appreciate pleasure, challenge to struggle, growth to have joy.

If someone creates a problem for you personally, remember that they are providing an opportunity for growth for you also. They may or may not be aware of this gift that they are giving you. As you learn to dance with your opportunities and difficulties, learn to forgive the folly of those who challenge you. We can accept or resist our difficulties but when we accept them and decide to persevere, we have an opportunity to overcome difficulty and grow past it. If you are in deep waters and don’t know how to correct a problem, you’ll either “sink or swim” so exercise some faith and learn to swim. There are resources around us all and we are here to help one another through those challenging times.

As a healer, you may be an integral part of someone’s healing experience, their growth and progress. Helping them to clean the filter that they see life through will undoubtably change their life experience and yours, too. It’s usually an unforgettable experience to be healed of something major. Let’s realize how important it is to be there for others, to help them to choose to see life through a new lens. Let’s assist healing, encourage and brighten lives. And let’s be cognizant of how fulfilling it is as we are so privileged to be involved in someone else’s growth and progress. Let’s see clearly…

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