Opening your third eye leads to peace, calm, and higher consciousness. As the only mental-related chakra on your body, it is important to learn how to open your third eye, as it brings many mental and spiritual benefits into your life. Located on the brow bone, other benefits of opening your third eye include higher intuition and psychic awareness, along with greater insight, inner perception, self-control, and contact with senses beyond the given five.

Follow the six simple steps below to learn how to open your third eye.

Step One: Are You Blocked?

If your third eye is blocked, you may have trouble accessing it. One important step when learning how to open your third eye is to make sure that nothing is standing in its way. A few signs of third eye blockage include feeling a lack of purpose, feeling indecisive, and feeling unfulfilled. Headaches, migraines, eye pain, and pain in the back of your legs can also indicate a blockage in the third eye.

Step Two: Identify Triggers

Everyone’s third eye works a little differently, but there are a few common triggers that can block the third eye. Finding and identifying these triggers in your life is vital if you wish to open, align, and reap the benefits of your third eye. Some of the common triggers your should recognize that can close or hinder your third eye are:


  • Someone belittling your work or passions
  • Large, transitional life experiences
  • Not facing reality by getting lost in the metaphysical world
  • Events that cause you to reassess your worth and place in the world
  • Not letting go of old habits
  • Giving up on things easily
  • Not taking time to ground yourself

Step Three: Try Healing Stones and Jewelry

When learning how to open your third eye, you can use purple chakra stones like Purple Fluorite, Amethyst, or Black Obsidian. There are two ways to uses these stones in your life. You can buy jewelry with a healing stone attached and wear it for as long as you see fit, or you can purchase a larger rock to hold in your hands as you focus on opening your third eye.

Step Four: Yoga

There are several specific third eye yoga poses you can try. Two of the most effective include the Child Pose and the Eagle Pose. An instructor can get you started on these poses so you know you are doing them correctly. You can then practice with them at home or during your meditations.

Step Five: Meditations and Affirmations

Meditations and affirmations are likely the first things that come to mind when you are wondering how to open your third eye. There are specific, powerful meditations and mantras that can be used to open your third eye. When done in conjunction with third-eye-specific mantras, you will begin to feel your third eye shift and open. Mantras like the traditional “om” work perfectly fine, or you can choose a mantra that suits you—follow your intuition.

Step Six: Physical Care

Your third eye cannot properly open without your physical body having the nutrients it needs. When learning how to open your third eye, make sure you are getting enough Omega-3 in your diet. Eating purple foods will balance your efforts and help you open your third eye.

As you learn how to open your third eye, your life will become balanced and elevated and the larger, deeper picture will unfold before you. Practice these six steps frequently for best results.