In our energy healing certification programs, Dr. Bradley Nelson highlights the importance of calling on your Higher Power for support. When practitioners use the Emotion Code® and the Body Code™, it can be powerful to remember that this healing work comes from above. These tools were developed through many years of hard work and prayer, and are divinely inspired! Asking for support from above is a wonderful way to call in help and focused intention as you work with these energy healing tools.

Whatever your conception of a Higher Power might be, calling on that belief can be helpful in your energy healing work. While we’ll refer to this as a Higher Power throughout this article, know that we mean whatever your personal faith might be! This term might be meaningful to you, or if you’d like, replace it as you read with God, Creator, Universe, Father in Heaven, Source Energy, Supreme Being, Great Spirit, Pure Light, Universal Intelligence, Almighty, Jesus, or whatever feels best for you!

Why ask for Support from your Higher Power when doing Energy Healing Work?

Asking for help from above is an especially powerful way to work through moments of fear or uncertainty in your energy work. When you question your own abilities or encounter a situation where you are not sure if you will be able to help, calling on your Higher Power can bolster your faith, and add power to your work! Additionally, love and light from above can help lead you towards accuracy and in your energy work.

How to Connect to your Higher Power

At the beginning of every energy healing session, we recommend asking that your Higher Power supports your work. If you aren’t sure how to do this, the last page of Chapter 10 in The Emotion Code book offers some basic instruction from Dr. Brad about what has worked for him. 

It can be helpful to spend time connecting with your Higher Power so that when you call on them to support you during energy healing sessions you are already in close communication! The more you build this special relationship the easier it will be for you to trust your faith supporting you – both in your energy healing work and in your life in general! 


No matter what you believe in, anyone can pray! No matter what religion or cultural heritage you come from. If praying is unfamiliar to you, you might start by simply sending positive energy out in the world. You might ask for help with your own life, wish for healing for someone who is experiencing a challenging time, or share your gratitude for what you have. Prayer journaling is a great way to start this practice as well! Simply opening up the line of communication between yourself and your Higher Power is a beautiful step to take. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to pray since it’s your own personal conversation with your Higher Power. 


Life can become quite busy, so take time to still your mind. Grounding exercises such as meditation, quiet walks in nature, and breathing exercises can help quiet your thoughts. When our minds are less crowded, it can be easier to hear your Higher Power. Mindfulness practices can bring you peace, more certainty in your choices, and clarity in your actions!

Energy Work:

Energy work can help clear any trapped energies that might hold you back from connecting with your Higher Power. Sometimes a Heart-Wall® or trapped emotions can impact your ability to have faith and develop a close connection with your beliefs. You can work through these imbalances yourself using the Emotion Code and Body Code, or choose to work with another energy healing professional! Working with an experienced certified practitioner can be helpful, especially if you feel like trapped emotions could be holding you back from being an effective energy healer yourself! 

Connecting with your Higher Power During Energy Work

When you begin your energy healing session, simply ask for support from above. Ask your Higher Power to be with you, and to allow you to help the person you are working with. This simple step is vital to your energy healing work!

A tip on prayer for clarity and guidance from practitioner Maria Dopp:

“Before I begin a session, I will say a prayer asking for guidance and clarity throughout the session. I also ask that the sessions will be effective and efficient. Then, I like to ask that Heavenly messengers (angels) are sent before me to begin opening up the path of releasing emotions and healing for the person I will be working on. I love doing this and asking for extra help with my sessions! I truly believe there are many angels around us that are waiting for us to ask for help so I try to use them A LOT!”

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