This is the first in a six-part series, defining the imbalances addressed by the Body Code.

The Body Code™ is a revolutionary energy balancing system, intended to help you uncover root causes of discomfort, sickness, and suffering in body and spirit. When using the Body Code many people have seen powerful transformations occur. These changes happen due to the release of imbalances within the body. You may be wondering, what exactly are these imbalances, how do they impact your health and happiness, and how can you clear them using the Body Code? We’re here to break down the answers to these questions with a new series of articles, and we’re starting with energetic imbalances!

What Are Imbalances in the Body Code?

Many things can create imbalances within the body and mind. In order to release an imbalance, it’s typically important to identify the specifics of that frequency that need to be addressed. During his years as a practicing chiropractor, Dr. Brad noticed consistent patterns of different types of imbalances and categorized them into six main imbalances. These categories allow Body Code practitioners to easily identify the root causes of problems. The first group we’ll explore in this series is energetic imbalances. 

What is an Energy Imbalance?

Energetic imbalances addressed by the Body Code span a wide range of vibrational frequencies that can negatively impact the body and mind. They are:


Emotional: As we go through our lives we experience different emotions all the time. However, sometimes when we experience a very intense emotion, the energy of that emotion can become trapped in the body. Trapped emotions can occur at any age and they can even be inherited. They can also become Heart-Wall® emotions or Compound emotions.


These different types of trapped emotions can be further identified based on when they were received. For example, you might have a trapped emotion that was inherited from many generations past or you might have experienced it as a child. In order to release the trapped emotion, it’s important to work through identifying what it is and where it came from. By releasing that vibrational frequency, you might even clear it from generations of your ancestors! This category of imbalances is also addressed in the Emotion Code® system. 


Post Traumatic: These energetic frequencies can linger after a past traumatic experience. They can be physical or emotional and can cause a wide variety of issues for the person who has this energetic frequency in their body or mind. For those who have this imbalance, it may feel as though they continue to experience the past trauma over and over again, or they may feel more sensitive to current events. 


Allergy or Intolerance: It’s possible to develop a physical or mental aversion to many things. This can often happen with a specific food or drink, but it’s also possible to develop allergies and intolerances to other things such as ideas and feelings. Often these allergies and intolerances have associated trapped emotions that will also need to be cleared. 


Offensive: Offensive energetic frequencies typically arise from interactions with other people or entities. They can interfere with your mind and body, causing all sorts of issues. For example, cording comes from a negative connection to another person. Curses, spirits, and other negative energies from others also fall into this category.


Mental: Mental imbalances often originate from our own thoughts, or thoughts we adopt from others. These mental imbalances can create vibrational frequencies that impact how others see us, how we see ourselves, and how we interact with the world around us! By clearing mental imbalances, the Body Code helps free the mind. 


Reverberation: This category includes energetic frequencies that we keep feeling the effects of after the emotion, experience, memory, or symptom is gone. We might experience these reverberations from something we experienced ourselves, or inherit a reverberation from an ancestor. 


When we find and release any of the energy imbalances in this category, Body Code clients often see an immediate positive effect as the body is allowed to return to its normal, healthy, undisturbed state. By releasing the root cause of a physical or mental issue, we have seen incredible results!


Interested in learning more about imbalances and how to release them? Our Body Code certification is the best way to gain the knowledge and experience you need. Get started today!