This is the second in a six-part series, defining the main imbalances addressed by the Body Code.

If you’ve explored the Emotion Code® and the power it has to improve your life, relationships, and health, you might be curious about the Body Code™! The Body Code is the next step in energy healing. It’s intended to help you uncover and release energetic imbalances in the body. These imbalances are often the root causes of issues impacting your physical, mental, and spiritual health. So what imbalances can exist? This week we’re looking at the Misalignments section of the Body Code.

What is a Misalignment Imbalance in The Body Code?

Dr. Bradley Nelson created the Body Code to address the six main types of imbalances that he frequently observed as a practicing chiropractor. These imbalances are organized into categories to help Body Code practitioners easily identify what is causing an issue. Misalignment is one of the six types of imbalances. Misalignments refer to both physical and energetic systems. This section includes identifying issues in organs, glands, muscles, chakras, body systems, and how these systems connect. 


The System section includes body systems such as Circulatory, Digestive, Endocrine, Nervous, Reproductive, Respiratory System, and more. Each of these body systems can be further broken down into more specific body organs and bones. Once the specific body system has been identified, the misalignment may be able to be cleared, however, there is often an additional emotional element to the misalignment. You may need to clear an associated trapped emotion as well.


Misalignments of the Skeleton are broken down into two sections, the Appendicular Skeleton, and the Axial Skeleton. Bones of the body can become misaligned, often by the distorting effect of an associated imbalance such as a trapped emotion (though not always). Using muscle testing, hone into which skeletal section you should address. Then, continuing to follow the Body Code, determine the specific bones that are experiencing a misalignment. For example, you might find that there is a misalignment in the Skull, and further that the imbalance is affecting the Middle Ear Bone. You might be able to clear the Misalignment with that information, or perhaps you need to go even further and determine if there is an associated imbalance that needs to be addressed as well.

Soft Tissue:

Soft Tissues can also become misaligned. This refers to Organs, Glands, Connective Tissue, and Fascia. These sections are each broken down into more specific body parts. Sometimes soft tissues such as Fascia can become distorted or twisted due to emotional or physical stress or trauma of some kind. This is known as “fascial distortion,” and will usually have an underlying cause that can be determined using the Body Code.


The Chakra system relates to the energy channels of the body. “Chakra” translates to “wheel’ in Sanskrit. Chakras are spinning wheels of energy, located at various points in the body. Chakras work as channels for the physical body’s energy. Chakras can become misaligned as well as energetically imbalanced, often due to associated imbalances located in the area. Chakras typically have particular qualities and associated body parts. For example, the Heart Chakra is often associated with the heart and the ability to feel love. However, an associated imbalance may or may not have an obvious relationship to that chakras qualities. 


The meridians are a concept of Ancient Chinese Medicine and can be thought of as the energy network of the body. The energetic body is highly organized in energetic circuits, which include 8 Extraordinary Meridians and 12 Main Meridians. These form a complex web of connections and Qi or life force energy circulation in the body. In a way, it’s similar to the power grid of a home. Certain organs and muscles exist on the same circuit. For example, if you feel unexplained pain in your right knee, it might actually be related to an imbalance in your gallbladder. That’s because the right knee muscles are on the same circuit as the gallbladder! Correcting imbalances in the body’s energy field can often have an immediate effect on relieving physical pain. A meridian may become imbalanced, usually when the energy flow is weakened or blocked.

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