Want to give the energy healer in your life something amazing this holiday season? Or perhaps you’d like to spoil yourself? Discover Healing offers a range of energy healing products you might be interested in this year! From Dr. Bradley Nelson’s book The Emotion Code® to full certification in the Body Code™, there is so much to choose from. Each and every offering is filled with love from our team to you and your family. Plus, we’re offering deals on our most popular products with our Holiday Sale from November 24 to December 6. Happy shopping, and Happy Holidays! 

Discover Healing’s Guide to Holiday Gift Giving

Gift an Energy Healing Experience

If you know someone who could benefit from energy healing, you might want to give them a session with a professional healer! If you’re a certified Emotion Code® or Body Code™ healer, you could offer your services to them free of charge. You can also sign them up for a healing session with one of our certified Body or Emotion Code Practitioners, or our Staff Practitioners. These energy healers are able to work with clients anywhere, through distance healing. So look for a practitioner who lives nearby, or choose anyone you feel connected with! 

The Emotion Code Book

The Emotion Code book, written by Dr. Brad, is a great way to get started with your energy healing journey. Reading the book will give you an overview of this simple and elegant solution that empowers readers to find and remove the trapped emotions that may be causing them physical and emotional discomfort. Buy your loved one this classic book, designed to equip you with everything you need to find greater happiness, better health, and more connected and loving relationships.

Energy Healing Magnet Charts

If you have someone on your list who is already a certified energy healer, perhaps they could use an Emotion Code Magnet! This is a perfect stocking stuffer that will not only help guide them through the Emotion Code Chart to identify trapped emotions, it’s also an awesome tool for releasing those emotions. 

Discover Healing T-shirts

Give a cozy, soft, Discover Healing T-shirt to your friends and family! Available in multiple sizes and colors, these tees are offered at a discount during the Holiday Sale. They’re always popular, so get your size while you can. The shirts are the same ones we sell at live events, and the same ones worn by our staff! Women’s T-shirts are here, and men’s are here.

Give the Gift of Certification

Certification is the gift that keeps on giving! Certification in the Emotion Code or the Body Code will empower you or your loved one to share the power of energy healing with the world. If there’s someone in your life who is interested in learning these powerful modalities, you might give them a certification course, or start a certification fund for a few people to contribute to. The Emotion Code is the perfect place to start, and the Body Code is the next step for practitioners to take their energy healing abilities even further. Plus during the Holiday Sale, you can bundle these certifications and save hundreds!

Gift Popular Training Series

Celebrate the season with 50% off on some of our most popular training series videos during the Holiday Sale! These trainings are a great way to give the gift of self-empowerment, healing, and happiness. Choose from these training series for discounts, or peruse our full catalog of offerings in the Discover Healing shop

We hope your holiday season is full of joy, gratitude, and love!