Research in relationship science is finding that the heart is a lot more than just a muscle that pumps oxygenated blood throughout your body. There is evidence that your heart has an intelligence of its own, with electromagnetic energy that can be 60 to even 1,000 times greater than your brain waves!

With this kind of magnetism, it is no wonder that at times within our hearts we feel love at first sight — or conversely — perceive negativity if someone has a Heart-Wall or negative energy surrounding them. We believe this negativity is related to Trapped Emotions and confining heart walls can be released through practices like The Emotion Code® and The Body Code™.

Electromagnetic Energy of the Heart

Have you ever walked into a room and just felt a bad vibe? Tools like magnetocardiography have revealed that the energy of one’s heart can radiate up to 12 feet beyond their bodies. So if someone is exuding negativity, it can have a tremendous impact on anyone around them as they pick up on that energy.

On the same note, have you ever been around people that seem to exude positivity and just make you feel good? If you believe in relationship science, you can easily buy into the idea that by radiating positive energy and good vibes, those people can significantly lighten the mood of a gathering, even under stressful situations.

Now, if someone has subconsciously built a Heart-Wall as a reaction to a bad experience, or as a defense against further distress, much of that energy could be kept in the heart. Since a Heart-Wall is made of trapped emotional energy, that energy could radiate and have a negative effect not only on themselves, but on the people around them.

Practitioners of energy healing modalities like The Emotion Code may be able to help those who struggle with a Heart-Wall to identify these Trapped Emotions and Heart-Walls, and release them. This work is designed to break through these potential walls and negativity.

Energy Healing & Relationship Science

It may seem easier to just keep those emotions and negative heart energy all to yourself, even as a subconscious protection after you’ve been hurt. However, this energy can be more hurtful than helpful in the long run. When you release those Trapped Emotions or Heart-Wall, you may finally be able to:

  • Open up to love
  • Create new opportunities
  • Feel more confidence and less fear
  • Embrace financial abundance
  • Practice gratitude
  • Follow your dreams

The “Smart Heart”

Many people embrace the relationship science of positive and negative energy, finding through their own experience that what we refer to as the heart — or the center of our emotional intelligence — is a very sensory organ that can transfer energy on a bioelectromagnetic level.

Think about this: have you ever met someone and felt a spark or a flutter? It could be a romantic spark or a platonic “I like you” right off the bat. In either case, it could be your two hearts communicating with one another, saying “Hey! This person is good for your soul.” At the same time, if you are suddenly filled with anxiety and fear, then maybe the innate intelligence of your heart is saying, “Keep your distance from this one.” This phenomenon is often called intuition, a first impression, or in the case of romance, love at first sight.

Cellular memory theory is another part of this energetic relationship science that indicates the heart holds memories. There are numerous examples of heart transplant patients who have taken on some memories or characteristics of the donor. Some heart recipients, and other organ recipients as well, have suddenly taken on preferences such as food, music, art, and physical activities that belonged to the donor of that organ.

Take the example of the foundry worker who suddenly had a new love for classical music. His donor was a 17-year-old male, so he erroneously assumed that it could not be because of his heart. What 17-year-old likes classical music, right? As it turns out, this young man loved classical music and died holding his violin.

Energy Healing for a Better Relationship

When you share a life with someone, you share your energy. Sometimes that energy gets blocked and your relationship starts to fizzle. You can renew this by using a Daily Energy Routine that will not only help you spend time together but can make each other feel lighter, yet stronger.

By reading up on energy healing, Trapped Emotions and Heart-Walls by studying The Emotion Code and The Body Code, you and your partner may be able to help each other remove those bad vibes and live more openly and abundantly. Remember that feeling you had when you first met? You could get it back — and energy healing could be the key.