When using both the Emotion Code® and the Body Code™ to support the well-being of yourself or your clients, you may encounter someone who consistently cannot be tested. You might get a “no” answer over and over again when you ask if you can work with their subconscious to release trapped emotions or imbalances. So why does this happen, and how can you overcome this issue so that you can help your client? Let us share a few ways that you can address this problem!

Common Causes of an Untestable Client

1. The client is simply not ready for a session

One of the most common reasons a client shows up as not testable during an energy healing session is that they’re not fully ready for a session. This might be conscious or subconscious – the client might realize they aren’t ready for energy healing work or they might not. This can often happen when the client is hesitant or fearful about the session. Being untestable is a safety mechanism that the body can put into place when someone is fearful. Often this fearfulness comes from the person being worried that something will be revealed that they don’t want to reveal.

In order to resolve this issue, practitioners may help soothe the client’s fears as best they can. They should make sure they have the full permission of the client to work with them and to ask the questions they plan to ask. It can be helpful to explain how an Emotion Code or Body Code session will work, giving the client more information so that they feel less uncertain.

Helpful things to let your client know:

  • The practitioner is not a psychic, they are not reading your mind, they cannot see your innermost secrets or anything of the sort
  • The goal of the session is to simply release imbalances or trapped emotions that are ready for release
  • Your subconscious will choose the emotions or imbalances that can be released and will not reveal anything you do not want to be revealed
  • The practitioner will always ask for permission before proceeding with any energy work and will make sure you’re comfortable with what’s happening

2. The client is not ready for a session because their body is healing

A client may not be able to proceed with an energy healing session if their body is already in a healing phase. The body can take time to heal and process energy healing as well as many other types of experiences. When the body is already in the process of healing, it may not be beneficial to add more work. For this reason, the client’s subconscious may protect them from continuing with energy work by giving a practitioner an untestable result. If this happens, healing time should be respected, so give the body time before you try again. This could be a few days, or a few weeks, it just depends on what the body is working through!

3. The client may be dehydrated

Dehydration is the third most common issue that can impede energy healing work. If a client is dehydrated, that person may become untestable. This can quickly be resolved by drinking some water, so if you suspect that may be the issue, recommend your client drinks some water! Make sure to give them some time afterward before resuming testing. 

4. The client may have a Nervous System Imbalance or Misalignment

Another issue that has been found to frequently cause untestability is a Nervous System Imbalance, also known as a Misalignment. Dr. Bradley Nelson has found that misalignments, especially those in the bones of the neck, interfere with the ability to muscle test a client too. In order to resolve this issue, you may try swiping three times down the governing meridian with the intention to fix any Misalignments. It may also be helpful for the client to visit a chiropractor.

In order to work around dehydration or Misalignment, practitioners might benefit from using surrogate or proxy testing to help the client. However, reasons one and two will need to be resolved before it’s possible for the client to proceed with their Emotion Code or Body Code session.

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