Practicing The Emotion Code® and / or The Body Code™ as a professional pursuit offers unique rewards to both practitioners and clients. Often, those rewards manifest themselves in very personal and meaningful ways. We’d like to thank Catherine for sharing her personal story with us.

After losing her husband, Catherine has been able to use The Emotion Code and The Body Code to work on herself to release Heart-Wall emotions and help her move forward. Because of her own experience, she’s had the opportunity to help others deal with their own loss.

As a certified practitioner, Catherine is able to help clients from all over the world with remote sessions. This work is a passion for her, and it has blessed her life.

If you’re an Emotion Code and / or Body Code practitioner, we would love to hear from you. In the comments below, you’re invited to share how this work enriched your life and the lives of those you help.  Click here to learn about energy healing certification with Discover Healing. You could become certified in 6 months or less!